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Your adventure begins

They say you have to be a little crazy to be a beekeeper … luckily we at Apigenova are a little crazy!

Our activities

Our courses and seminars

We organize complex lessons for those looking for something more in beekeeping, combining theoretical lessons with many activities in the open field.

Free seminars

We want various free activities, seminars and conferences to bring the Genoese closer to the world of these extraordinary insects.

Become our member

The association is open to everyone and looks forward to hosting curious people, greenery lovers or professionals, as well as schools and groups of young people.


The world of bees also comes to the city

Raising bees in the city is a challenge that Genoa has won with flying colors. An urban apiary like this has never been seen in Italy, precisely because the Genoese were the first to engage in this type of activity.


The wonderful life of bees

The life of bees has always fascinated man, who is not only interested in collecting his honey or in the important fertilization activity that the insect carries out on plants. Man has been observing and studying them for millennia to learn their most intimate secrets!

Direct bee products: not just honey

Apigenova volunteers access the association’s shared spaces in full autonomy in order to manage their hives and produce honey, wax, pollen, royal jelly and propolis for self-consumption.

In short, we humans use all bees. And there is no doubt: we must really be grateful to them for all that they give us.


What people say

Bees are the mirror of my soul. I stop to listen to them, because their hum is music that is lost in the wind and their work is sweetness that I love to taste.

Beekeeping expert Marco Corzetto, owner of the Studio Tecnico del Verde

The innovative hive

A big welcome to beekeeping with Flow™Hive…

Beekeeping gives a lot of satisfaction and bees are such fascinating creatures that you can’t think of a better hobby.